Trade War Retaliation Cost Agriculture $27 Billion in Exports

Tariffs imposed on American agricultural exports in retaliation for Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from key trading partners cost the U.S. farm sector a great deal in exports. Combine that with the Section 301 tariffs on Chinese imports and China’s retaliatory actions, and it led to an overall $27 billion reduction in […]

USApple Asking For Removal Of Steel And Aluminum Tariffs

Recently, the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office met with counterparts from India to start Ag trade negotiations. USApple said while they appreciate the effort to restart negotiations with one of the largest markets in the world, more needs to be done. USApple President and CEO Jim Bair said India historically is a strong market for American […]

Tariff Agreement with EU Reopens Doors for US Agriculture Exports

On Sunday, the United States and European Union announced an end to the trade conflict of steel and aluminum tariffs, welcome news for agriculture. The United States will not apply section 232 duties and will allow duty-free importation of steel and aluminum from the EU at a historical-based volume, and the EU will suspend related […]

How Could China’s CPTPP Application Impact Beef Trade?

The international community is taking a renewed, and refreshed interest in the TPP replacement. China is looking to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, CPTPP. Joel Haggard, senior vice president at the U.S. Meat Export Federation, noted China as well as Taiwan submitted their applications with in a week of each other. […]

Groups Want Biden to Restart Trade Talks with China

Some of the most influential business groups in America want the White House to restart trade talks with China. According to the New York Times the groups also want tariffs cut on goods imported from China. Those duties have been in place since the beginning of a trade war between the two nations. The groups […]

EU/U.S. Plan to End Steel Tariffs Good News for Agriculture

The U.S. and the European Union plan to settle the dispute about longstanding steel and aluminum tariffs by November 1. Capital Press says it’s good news for America’s steel industry, and that indirectly is good news for agriculture. Conversations about Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act relating to steel and aluminum tariffs have been […]

Business and Ag Groups Urge Rollback of Section 232, 301 Tariffs

The National Foreign Trade Council last week re-launched the Tariff Reform Coalition. The coalition is a broad alliance of business and agriculture groups substantially harmed by the import tariffs imposed by the previous Administration. The group urges the rollback of Section 232 and Section 301 tariffs, saying the tariffs “are causing serious damage to those […]

Farmers For Free Trade Hopeful Biden Administration Will Bring Changes

The Biden administration has said on multiple occasions they will change the American trade policy in place over the past four years. However, Brian Kuehl of Farmers for Free Trade said doing so will take time. “We certainly are hopeful. We don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up too high though. I think it’s going […]

Free Trade Coalition Wants Chinese Tariffs Removed

Americans for Free Trade, which includes the group Farmers for Free Trade, recently sent a letter to president-elect Joe Biden, asking him to remove the tariffs that President Trump placed on Chinese imports. “Finding a way to remove the tariffs while creating an effective new, multilaterally-supported approach to China trade issues would provide an immediate […]

What Can Ag Community Expect Over Next Four Years? Former USDA Leader Weighs In

Many in farming community are wondering what the future holds under a Joe Biden Administration, especially when it comes to trade. Randy Russell, former USDA Undersecretary, is currently the President of the Russell Group in Arlington, VA. During a recent webinar he noted things will look very different in the next four years compared to […]