2021 Tart Cherry Crop Larger, Thanks To Washington, Utah

The 2021 tart cherry crop is larger than previous year crops by over two million tons. “That’s really about half of what we would normally see for our tart cherry crop,” said NASS’ Lance Honig. “So this is the second consecutive year with fairly low production.” Honig also noted the rise in tart cherries comes […]

NASS: 2020 Tart Cherry Production Down

According to NASS, we can expect to have less tart cherries this season. “The tart cherry crop 197 million pounds expected to be produced this year and that’s down 24.8% from what was produced last year,” said NASS’ Lance Hoenig. He added the reduced tart cherry production nationwide, stems from the decrease in the crop […]

U.S. Sweet Cherry Production Down 6%

According to numbers released by NASS, total sweet cherry production nationwide for 2020 is forecast at 334,000 tons, down 6% from 2019. In Washington and Oregon, severe cold snaps in February and mid-March had varying impacts across the region. The later blooming varieties were well behind the rest of the crop, leading to lower expected […]

Sweet Cherry Production Up 13% This Season

According to NASS, sweet cherry production is forecast at 362,000 tons this season, a 13% year over year increase.  Weather this spring across Washington and Oregon have been optimal for the crop.  Meanwhile, in California, growers reported sufficient chill and precipitation leading to a good crop.  NASS is predicting 50,000 tons of cherries in California, […]