Supply Chain Holes Will Take Time to Fill

Supply chain issues are challenging the agricultural sector, and farmers and ranchers hoping for quick solutions may be out of luck. A recent House Ag Committee hearing focused on transportation problems that are slowing the export of goods and commodities across the U.S. and the world. Gregg Doud, a former USTR Chief Ag Trade Negotiator, […]

McKinney Named New CEO of NASDA

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture announced that Ted McKinney is the organization’s new Chief Executive Officer. The group said he will lead NASDA in amplifying the voice of state departments of agriculture in Washington, D.C., seeking policy solutions for our food system, and expanding and deepening NASDA’s partnerships. “Representing a unified voice […]

USDA: No Stone Left Unturned When It Comes To Trade Markets

While much of the attention of the farm community, and the world really, was on coronavirus, trade took place over the past year. And specifically Ag trade. Much of that focus over the past 12 months was on new trade agreements between the U.S. and major export customers such as Mexico, Canada, Japan and China. […]

Virtual Trade Missions Will Be A Key Going Forward

Before the global pandemic, USDA and its Trade and Agricultural Affairs Mission Area planned to conduct eight trade missions in 2020. Those all, in the in the traditional person to person meeting and product demonstration sense, were postponed. But with shutdowns, the USDA transitioned those meetings on-line. And while the Department’s Ted McKinney said face-to-face […]

What Is China Purchasing?

USDA  Undersecretary Ted McKinney recently addressed the Phase One trade agreement with China, and where he sees it going into the future. “Phase One is a two year agreement and even though the federal government just started its new fiscal year on October one, the purchases through and including December 31st is what counts for […]

McKinney: USMCA Is Good But Can Be Improved

It may have been lost in the shuffle of this year’s pandemic, but the U.S., Canada and Mexico were able to update their trilateral trade agreement.The updated NAFTA now known as USMCA, and it sits well with USDA’s Ted McKinney. “I’m a believer that the USMCA is very very good and it’s something that can […]

Trump Administration Hopes To Have USMCA Implemented By June 1st

June 1st, that the date the Trump Administration has targeted for USMCA implementation; now that the Canadian Parliament has ratified the updated NAFTA. Canadian approval was the final step taken among the three-member nations to ratify the new trade agreement. And, its full implementation is one anxiously awaited by much of the U.S. Agriculture sector, […]

Britain A Key Market For USDA

USDA Undersecretary Ted McKinney is always looking for additional trade opportuniteis for American producers. In fact, he was in Britain last month.  “When I arrived I was to meet the minister of Ag which would be my counterpart, the Undersecretary, that night he was elevated to the secretary so we had the change to be […]

McKinney: Phase One Has Traction

USDA Undersecretary, Ted McKinney, said he believes the Phase One Trade Deal with China, in his words “has traction” and will last. “It really wasn’t going to get going until the lunar New Year was over anyway that was delayed by an extra week so we’re not so far behind despite coronavirus,” McKinney recently said […]

U.S. Looks At Africa For Future Ag Trade

The African continent is being pursued by U.S. trade leaders as a potential location for agricultural export growth.  The first location American leaders are looking, is Kenya.   “It’s going to be a historic and difficult conversation,” said Gregg Doud with the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office. Historic, he noted, in that if reached this would […]