USDA: Turkey Preparation Should Start Days Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and the USDA says now is the time to start preparing that big meal. USDA Food safety expert Meredith Carothers says one of the biggest problems she routinely see, deals with defrosting the holiday bird. While a popular technique, she says defrosting the turkey on your counter is […]

USDA With Safety Tips As You Prepare Your Thanksgiving Meal

  Thanksgiving is Thursday, and for most, the holiday menu includes a lot of foods not typically prepared.  Tops on that list is the turkey.  The USDA is warning while a wonderful family favorite, caution must be used to ensure the bird is prepared properly, ensuring that no one gets sick.  And that all starts […]

Cranberries More Than Just A Holiday Staple

For must of us a holiday feast table has to have a turkey and one other standby: cranberry sauce.  Cranberries are synonymous with the holidays but from the standpoint of the cranberry industry, “We of course want to push the year round versatility, we also want people to look at cranberries in a different way […]

NFU: Farmers Receive 12 Cents For Average Thanksgiving Meal

According to a new study published by the National Farmers Union, the average American farmer and rancher takes home 12.1 cents from every dollar that consumers spend on their Thanksgiving dinner meals.  According to the NFU’s Farmer’s Share publication, farmers receive 14.6 cents of every food dollar consumers spend throughout the year, but that figure […]