NW 2020 Wheat Plantings & Hay Harvest Up

Northwest growers plated more wheat in 2020. All wheat planted in Idaho totaled 1.24 million acres last year, up 4% from 2019. Harvested acres hit 1.16 million, up 3% from the previous year. All wheat production totaled 113 million bushels, up 14% year over year. Yield is estimated at 96.7 bushels per acre, up 8.9 […]

Despite Challenges, 2020 Hay Crop Looks Good

This year was a difficult year for the entire ag community, thanks primarily due to COVID-19. But for Washington hay growers, Mother Nature also made the past year challenging. Andrew Eddie, Vice President of the Washington state Hay Growers Association said mid-spring rains negatively impacted many first cuts across the area, and wildfire smoke presented […]

NAFA To Host CFAP Webinar Thursday

The National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance will host a webinar Thursday, October 15th telling growers how they can get assistance through CFAP [the Coronavirus Food Assistance program]. Associate Director at National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance Jon Dockter said originally the crop was not eligible for the program, even when a second round of crops were […]

Despite Challenging Start Things Looking Up For Northwest Hay Growers

After a slow start in many pockets across the Northwest, the 2020 hay season has picked up considerable steam. Andrew Eddie, Vice President of the Washington state Hay Growers Association, said cooler temperatures and rainy conditions this spring made for a challenging first cut for several operations, whether grass, Timothy or alfalfa. But he noted, […]

Northwest Hay Stocks Jump

As of May 1st, hay stocks across the Northwest were 22% higher compared to 2019 numbers. According to NASS, on-farm hay stocks in Washington totaled 160,000 tons, down 45% year-over-year. May 1st stocks represent 7% of 2019 production. Disappearance from December 1st, 2019 was down 890,000 tons. Oregon’s on-farm hay stocks totaled 400,000 tons, up […]

Perry: Hay Will Enjoy Profits, While Wheat Looks To Breakeven

As we continue with our six part quarterly commodity snapshot, we look today at hay and wheat. Bill Perry, Vice President at Northwest Farm Credit Services started out focused on hay. “Northwest FCS’ 12-month outlook suggests alfalfa profitability will moderate as producers intend to plant more acres in 2020. Large inventory of mid-grade timothy continues […]

Eddie: Weather Made 2019 A Challenging Year For Hay Growers

For many Northwest producers, 2019 was a challenging year, because of trade uncertainty and the ongoing trade war with China.  But, for many hay growers, it was Mother Nature that made this year a difficult one.  Andrew Eddie, Vice President of the Washington state Hay Growers Association, says this was the most unpredictable year, weather […]

NWFCS: Expects Profits For Hay, Wheat Growers

As we wrap up our series looking at Northwest Farm Credit Services 4th quarter snapshots, we turn to hay and wheat.  Northwest Farm Credit Services’ Karen Witt says the next 12 months looks profitable for alfalfa and timothy producers.   “Fundamental supply conditions favor hay prices and producer profitability across the West. Abnormally wet conditions […]