Vilsack: The USDA Will Do More To Help Producers Hurt By Western Drought

The drought here in the west is on the mind of the Ag Secretary. “Could lead potentially to people having to sell their herds because they can’t simply afford the cost of maintaining them.” Tom Vilsack recently to announced the expansion of the Emergency Livestock Assistance Program [ELAP], specifically to help producers that need assistance […]

Washington Lawmakers Hope Visit Highlights The Devastation Of Massive Wildfires

Washington Representatives Dan Newhouse, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and Kim Schrier are reaching out to federal officials in an attempt to bring attention to the level of destruction caused by massive wildfires in the state. “The three of us sent an invitation to the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, as well as the Secretary of the […]

Vilsack Stresses How REAP Can Benefit Ag Rural, Communities

Last week, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced $464 million in renewable energy grants for producers, rural communities, and businesses in 48 states and Puerto Rico. Vilsack said close to $129 million dollars in grants and loans will go for renewable and energy efficiency projects on the farm through the Rural Energy for America Program, or […]

USCA Applauds Administration Message on Consolidation and Competition

Last week, the White House hosted a press conference featuring Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack and Brian Deese, the Director of the National Economic Council, to discuss the meatpacking sector. Both Vilsack and Deese talked specifically about the impacts of a highly concentrated meatpacking sector for American producers and consumers. A White House release outlined how […]

USDA Rolls Out Additional COVID Relief

For farm, meat packing, and grocery store front line workers who incurred expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the USDA is out with a variety of assistance programs. “Well it’s important for us to give recognition to these incredibly hard workers. I think it’s also important for us to provide some level of support,” noted […]

USDA Expands Assistance to Help with Feed Transportation Costs

In response to the severe drought conditions across the west, as well as the Great Plains, the USDA says it plans to help cover the cost of transporting feed for livestock that rely on grazing. USDA will update the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and Farm-Raised Fish Program (ELAP) to immediately cover feed transportation costs […]

USDA Announces Pandemic Relief for Farmworkers

The Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday $700 million in competitive grant funding to help farmworkers and meatpacking workers with pandemic-related health and safety costs. The new Farm and Food Workers Relief grant program includes $20 million set aside for at least one pilot program to support grocery workers. The program will provide relief to farmworkers, […]

Grassley Wants Administration to Fill Ag Trade Positions

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has called on President Biden to fill a couple of key USDA positions that deal with agricultural trade. He wants “qualified officials” appointed to the positions of Chief Agricultural Negotiator at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs. “I write to […]

Vilsack Provides Dairy Assistance Details

Members of the dairy industry, particularly small and mid-sized operations, have been hit hard by the pandemic. Last week, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced details of what’s being called the Pandemic Market Volatility Assistance Program. He noted any program to help producers must address basic assistance efforts. “One, a dairy donation program that is designed […]

Franz Calls For Wildland Firefighters To Be Vaccinated

Because of the rapid increase in the number of COVID-19 cases across the state, specifically from the Delta Variant, the head of the Washington Department of Natural Resources is calling for all wildland firefighters to be vaccinated. On Monday, Commissioner Hilary Franz called on the federal Departments of Agriculture and the Interior to take additional […]