Vilsack: SNAP Benefits Economy, As Well As Those In Need

Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack, recently noted the impact of SNAP, is more than just helping to feed people. “For every dollar that we spend in SNAP, we generate economic activity” Vilsack compared the numbers to figures from when he served as USDA head during the Obama Administration. “Way back when, when I was Secretary, it […]

Pandemic Has Stressed The Importance Of SNAP, Vilsack Says

It should come as no surprifce, SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] has been under the spotlight a lot during the pandemic. “I think it’s fair to say that the SNAP benefit is many cases not adequate enough to provide the help and assistance that is needed,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack noted during a recent anti-hunger […]

Vilsack: Seniors Are Often Overlooked In SNAP Conversations

One segment of the population that is typically overlooked with it comes to SNAP is senior citizens. “We need to make sure we address the challenges with seniors,” said Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack, at a recent anti-hunger conference. “I think some seniors believe that SNAP is a welfare program; it’s not. It’s a program that […]

Growth Energy: To Decarbonize Transportation, America Must Turn to Biofuels

Following President Biden’s announcement last week of a nationwide infrastructure package, Growth Energy says the plan overlooks the need to expand low carbon biofuels, like ethanol. The American Jobs Plan seeks to improve highways, bridges, ports, airports and transit systems. The plan also seeks to improve drinking water, the electric grid, and broadband. In total, the […]

USDA Looks To Forgive Rural Loans

The American Rescue Plan, according to USDA Head Tom Vilsack, has a variety of programs and plans to help rural America. Once of those plans includes loan forgiveness in rural areas. “Two types of loans we’re dealing with: direct loans and guaranteed loans,” Vilsack noted. “Let me deal with the direct loans first. To the […]

Biden: Rural Broadband A Big Part Of American Jobs Plan

Last week, President Biden unveiled his $2 trillion dollar American Jobs Plan. “I’ll begin with the heart of the plan. It modernizes transportation infrastructure; our roads, our bridges, our airports…” Speaking in Pittsburgh last week, Biden also addressed another issue that is important for rural America. “Millions of Americans lack access to reliable high-speed Internet. […]

Vilsack Highlights Trade Priorities

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is talking about his top trade priorities now that U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai has been confirmed. Vilsack noted recently the main focus will be on trade relations with Mexico and Canada, as well as strengthening existing trade agreements with China and Japan. “Implementation of USMCA. Expansion of the Japanese trade […]

AFIA Applauds Vilsack Enthusiasm for TPA

The American Feed Industry Association is thanking Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack for asking Congress to renew Trade Promotion Authority legislation. AFIA’s President and CEO Constance Cullman said the animal feed and pet food industries are encouraged by Secretary Vilsack’s recognition of the importance of renewing TPA and is hopeful that the Biden administration intends to […]

Vilsack: I trust Farmers

During a recent exchange between congressman Rick Allen and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack focused on the past and future of black farmers. “American Rescue Plan includes 4 billion from USDA for loans to disadvantaged farmers,” Allen noted. “But in that definition of disadvantaged farmers, and again, what we’re hearing is a lot like if you […]

Could The CCC Be Used As A Carbon Bank?

Could the Commodity Credit Corporation one day also be seen as a carbon bank? “Remember the charter of the commodity credit corporation speaks specifically to markets,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “Stabilizing markets, and yes creating markets. So it’s really designed for this type of opportunity.” Vilsack said before that can happen, deliberate efforts must […]