Britain Begins Talks to Join CPTPP

Britain is negotiating to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). Talks began earlier this week to join the trade deal Britain sees crucial to its post-Brexit pivot away from Europe, according to Reuters. The CPTPP agreement removes 95% of tariffs between its members, including Japan, Canada, Mexico and others. While joining […]

Tai: Trade Deals Must Have Bipartisan Support

U.S. Trade Ambassador Katherine Tai says any new multilateral Asia Pacific trade deal for the Administration must be bipartisan, while a key bilateral deal with the U.K. may be complicated by continued turbulence in Northern Ireland. When speaking before the Senate Finance Committee recently, Tai said the Transpacific Partnership, from which the Trump administration withdrew, […]

Sandison: COVID, Trade Issues Remain Into 2021

It may be a different year, but many of the problems that plagued the Washington Ag community remain. While a vaccine is being distributed, it will be sometime before coronavirus is not the most pressing issue on the minds of the Ag industry, and Americans in general. Derek Sandison, director of the Washington state Department […]

Farmers For Free Trade Hopeful Biden Administration Will Bring Changes

The Biden administration has said on multiple occasions they will change the American trade policy in place over the past four years. However, Brian Kuehl of Farmers for Free Trade said doing so will take time. “We certainly are hopeful. We don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up too high though. I think it’s going […]

Salmonsen Does Not Believe New China Trade Deal Will Hurt U.S. Ag

Will U.S. farmers be hurt by the world’s largest trade deal led by China and recently signed by 14 other Asian countries? American Farm Bureau trade adviser Dave Salmonsen believes American agriculture already benefits from deals with most of the Asian nations involved in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. He noted the RCEP, and the […]

AFBF: 2020 Has Potential To Be A Big Year For American Ag

2020 is expected to be a big year for U.S. ag export growth.  That, according to American Farm Bureau Federation’s Dave Salmonsen.  He said the year ahead is expected to see a big boost in U.S. farm exports to China.   “We have a date of January 15th, let’s hope it happens there, is getting a […]

Trade Deal With Japan On The Books To Start 2020

Lost in all the excitement about the U.S. and China signing a Phase One trade agreement as well as the upcoming senate vote on USMCA is another trade agreement that President Trump calls, “A game changer for American farmers and ranchers.”  It’s the new trade agreement with Japan, which went into effect January 1st.   […]

Vetter: SE Asia To Big To Ignore

While most eyes are on a trade deal with China, one former top Ag negotiator said the U.S. cannot ignore the importance now and into the future of Southeast Asia.  Darci Vetter, former Chief Ag Negotiator at USTR was heavily involved in negotiations of TPP.  The U.S. walked away from that 12 nation trade deal […]

Japan Likely to Vote on U.S. Trade Pact Next Week

Media reports in Japan are saying that the parliament is likely to start voting on a trade pact with the U.S. sometime next week.  The lower house of the Japanese Diet will take up the pact Wednesday, while the upper house, called the House of Councilors, will begin considering the deal the next day.   […]

Trump Signs Trade Agreements with Japan

On Monday, President Trump signed two trade agreements with Japan, one focused on goods, the second a digital trade agreement.  At the White House Monday, the President said both trade agreements are wonderful opportunities for the United States.   “These two deals represent a tremendous victory for both our nations. They will create countless jobs, […]