USDA Working To Make Livestock Market “More Fair”

Back to 2011, as Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack said. “Livestock and poultry marketplaces now only become more concentrated they’ve become vertically integrated and with that there is the risk of folks being treated unfairly” And so he announced rules to correct that. The Trump administration nixed those rules, and worked on crafting its own. Now […]

Bronaugh: I Will Speak Up When It Comes To WOTUS

USDA will have inputs in federal efforts that affect agricultural producers. “When you’re talking about issues like Waters Of The US [WOTUS] we want to make sure at all times when decisions are made by partnering agencies that could adversely affect our farmers and ranchers that we want to be at the table and we […]

EPA Announces Intent to Revise Definition of WOTUS

The EPA plans to repeal and rewrite the definition of water of the United States, or WOTUS. The EPA announced Wednesday it will repeal the Trump-era Navigable Waters Protection Rule, which replaced the Obama-era Waters of the U.S. rule. EPA Administrator Michael Regan states, “the EPA and Department of the Army have determined that this […]

EPA Will Keep Biofuel Mandates Steady in 2021-2022

Three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that the EPA’s biofuel blending mandates for this year and next will be in line with those from 2020. The agency is said to be accounting for weaker fuel demand since the onset of COVID-19. That would mean the U.S. refining industry would avoid added costs normally […]

USDA Cancels Farmers to Family Food Box Program

On Wednesday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told House lawmakers the Department of Agriculture is ending the Farmers to Families Food Box program. Representative David Valadao, a California Republican, stated, “although it wasn’t a perfect program, this program provided families with healthy, nutritious food items grown here in the U.S.,” asking Vilsack what USDA will do […]

Will The U.S. & Cuba Normalize Trade Relations

On January 3rd, 1961 President Eisenhower’s Press Secretary, James Haggerty, announced that the U.S. was severing diplomatic relations with Cuba. That was followed by a trade embargo and the closing of the U.S. Embassy on the island nation. 54 years later, the Obama Administration announced and effort to normalize relations. However, that effort was changed […]

Animal Welfare and Environmental Groups Want GE Animal Regulations to Stay at FDA

This week, thirteen animal welfare and environmental groups urged federal agencies to maintain regulatory authority over genetically engineered food animals within the FDA. The request is in response to the Trump-era proposal to move the regulatory authority to the Department of Agriculture. Specifically, USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. In letters to the FDA […]

USDA Invests $285 Million to Improve National Forest and Grassland Infrastructure

The USDA announced this week it will invest $285 million to help the Forest Service. The hope is the funds will help address deferred maintenance as well as improve transportation and recreation infrastructure on national forests and grasslands. The $285 million investment comes from the newly created National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund, […]

Interior To Revisit Spotted Owl Decision

The U.S. Interior Department is delaying the Trump administration’s last-minute roll-back of federal protections for the northern spotted owl. On February 22nd, federal officials said the changes will be reviewed, delaying their effective date from March 16th to April 15th. Days before leaving office, the Trump administration published a final rule revising protections for the […]

Vilsack: Food Box Program Under Review

Recently Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, the USDA’s Food Box Program which started during the heart of the coronavirus pandemic is currently under review. “The implementation of this program highlighted, in some cases, circumstances and situations where perhaps the level of money paid for those who were putting the boxes together was pretty significant. And […]