Poultry Owners Nationwide Warned Of Possible Bird Flu Outbreak

We recently told you that the Washington state Department of Agriculture is warning of a possible bird flu outbreak, similar to what was reported seven years ago. Its become a nationally issue, as concerns are growing about a potential highly-pathogenic avian influenza outbreak. “Recently cases have been confirmed in Europe, Asia, and Africa. And we’re […]

WSDA Warning Poultry Owners To Watch For Avian Influenza

Poultry owners across Washington have been told to watch for a return of highly pathogenic avian influenza. The USDA has warned Washington and other states that conditions are similar to 2014-15, when bird flu moved across the country, resulting in the deaths of thousands of birds across Washington and millions across the county. Karla Salp […]

NFU: More Needs To Be Done This Holiday Season To Help Farmers

According to National Farmers Union’s most recent “The Farmer’s Share”, for every dollar Americans spend on their Thanksgiving dinner this year, farmers and ranchers will earn approximately 11.9 cents. That marks a slight year-over-year decline, when farmers made roughly 12.15 cents of the Thanksgiving food dollar. Rob Larew, President of the NFU, said between those low prices […]

USDA Expects Better Days Ahead For Meat Industry

Things in the beef, pork, and broiler sectors may look bleak at the moment, however, as USDA Outlook Chairman, Mark Jekanowski put it, “Many of these supply chain challenges are going to be resolved in the weeks and months ahead. However, the USDA Outlook Chairman added. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to be […]

NFU: Farmers Receive 12 Cents For Average Thanksgiving Meal

According to a new study published by the National Farmers Union, the average American farmer and rancher takes home 12.1 cents from every dollar that consumers spend on their Thanksgiving dinner meals.  According to the NFU’s Farmer’s Share publication, farmers receive 14.6 cents of every food dollar consumers spend throughout the year, but that figure […]

Study Shows Decrease in Poultry Antibiotics Use

A new report on antimicrobial use in broiler chicken and turkey farms shows antibiotics use has decreased from 93% to 17% since 2013. The U.S. Poultry and Egg Association announced the findings as part of its commitment to transparency and sustainability.  The report represents a five-year data set, collected between 2013 and 2017.   The […]