Drought Continues To Spread Across The Northwest

The Northwest continues to dry out. According to the latest numbers from the USDA, nearly 46% of the state of Washington is under a D2 designation, or Severe Drought. Meanwhile 23% of the state is under an Extreme Drought, D3 designation. In Oregon, nearly 37% is under an Extreme Drought, with 5% under a D4 […]

World Wheat Crop Continues To Increase

When it comes to wheat production worldwide, records continue to be broken. The latest USDA forecast calls for a 5.5 million ton increase in wheat production globally. World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski, said while the U.S. participated in that increase with a projected .7% rise in production, most of the increase originates from […]

Plant-Based Burgers v. Traditional Beef

With more of us firing up the grill, you may be wondering to yourself how do plant-based hamburger patties compare to traditional beef patties? Gary Crawford recently took a look and he said the results of a scientific study may surprise you. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call (509) […]

Spring Wheat Crop Struggling Nationwide

According to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, the news about the Spring Wheat crop is not good nationwide. He noted 37% of the crop is rated good to excellent, 27% very poor to poor. “That’s a decline slightly from last week’s condition of 38% and 25% respectively and a dramatic drop from last year’s 81% good […]

USDA Announces Additional Aid for Producers and Business

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced this week additional aid intended for agricultural producers and businesses as part of the USDA Pandemic Assistance for Producers Initiative. Earlier this year, the secretary announced plans to use available pandemic assistance funds to address a number of gaps and disparities in previous rounds of aid. As part of the […]

USDA Announces Dates for CRP and Grasslands Signup

USDA set a deadline of July 23, 2021, for all agricultural producers and landowners to apply for the Conservation Reserve Program General Signup number 56. Also, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency will accept applications for CRP Grasslands from July 12 to August 20. This year, USDA updated both signup options to provide greater incentives for […]

USDA Stepping Up Cybersecurity

With cyberattacks against JBS and Colonial pipeline in the news, USDA is stepping up its data security efforts. “We are having conversations, I just had one yesterday about how we are going to ensure that we have a strong system within USDA that we can bolster the capacity to make our systems strong,” noted Deputy […]

USDA Working To Make Livestock Market “More Fair”

Back to 2011, as Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack said. “Livestock and poultry marketplaces now only become more concentrated they’ve become vertically integrated and with that there is the risk of folks being treated unfairly” And so he announced rules to correct that. The Trump administration nixed those rules, and worked on crafting its own. Now […]

Bill Would Combat Anti-Competitive Practices in Meat Processing Industry

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley joined fellow Republican Mike Rounds of South Dakota and Jon Tester, a Montana Democrat, in introducing legislation on meatpacking. The bill, the Meat Packing Special Investigator Act, would address the “anti-competitive” practices in the meat and poultry industries that threaten the nation’s food supply and national security. The legislation comes […]