Farmers For Free Trade Hopeful Biden Administration Will Bring Changes

The Biden administration has said on multiple occasions they will change the American trade policy in place over the past four years. However, Brian Kuehl of Farmers for Free Trade said doing so will take time. “We certainly are hopeful. We don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up too high though. I think it’s going […]

Searle Wants Trade To Focus Closer To Home In 2021

Bryan Searle, President of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, said after the rollercoaster that was 2020, he’s hopeful the greater Ag community can enjoy stability into 2021. And he says much of that starts with trade. He noted while China over the past year has provided many opportunities for American crops, including products from Idaho, […]

Over 25 Years, Ag Export Destinations Shift

The face of Ag trade in the U.S., and where American goods land have changed considerably over a quarter of a century. The United States is the world’s second-largest agricultural trader, trailing only the European Union. American ag exports grew significantly over the last 25 years, from $46.1 billion in 1994 to $126.7 billion in […]

USTR Is Taking Action on U.S. Dairy Access to Canada

The U.S. Dairy Export Council and the National Milk Producers Federation applaud the announcement that the U.S. Trade Representative is taking action on Canada’s dairy policies. Robert Lighthizer will initiate official consultations with Canada to examine the administration of its Tariff Rate Quota obligations for dairy. The two U.S. dairy organizations have long raised an […]

What Can Ag Community Expect Over Next Four Years? Former USDA Leader Weighs In

Many in farming community are wondering what the future holds under a Joe Biden Administration, especially when it comes to trade. Randy Russell, former USDA Undersecretary, is currently the President of the Russell Group in Arlington, VA. During a recent webinar he noted things will look very different in the next four years compared to […]

How Could Washington Benefit From Brexit? Many Questions Remain

The Washington Council on International Trade recently released a report taking a look at the issues and priorities that should be considered in a “post-brexit” free trade agreement between the U.S. and U.K. WCIT President Lori Otto Punke said there are a lot of macroeconomic questions still on the table. “Obviously Brexit is playing out […]

Newhouse Optimistic About Future With China Following Meeting With Doud

Greg Doud with the U.S Trade Representative’s office recently made a trip through Washington, talking about the state’s Ag community and what can be done to encourage more trade into the future. Central Washington Representative Dan Newhouse met with the Ambassador during his stop in Ritzville. The two talked not only about USMCA, Japan, ongoing […]

Newhouse: It’s Important We Pick Up Where We Left Off After Pandemic

So much of the attention in D.C., and on many farms across the country, is financial assistance to get farmers through the coronavirus pandemic, now roughly eight months old. But, Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse says it’s not enough for lawmakers to look at the present, but they much look to the future; a life after […]