ODFW Called To Several Depredations To Wrap Up October

Crews with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife were busy with several depredations to wrap up October. Investigators were called to a dead cow as well as an injured cow in the Howard Butte area of Wallowa County. The two cows were discovered early Thursday morning on 23,000 acres of private forested land. It’s […]

ODFW Called To Three Depredations In Wallowa County Over The Weekend

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildfire crews were call to a trio of depredations in the Deer Creek area of Wallowa County over the weekend. It started Saturday morning, when a hunter came across a dead 700 pound calf (calf A) in a 15,000 acre forested private land allotment. Later that afternoon, another nine-month old […]

ODFW Crews Called To Another Wallowa County Depredation

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife remains busy with wolf depredations in the NE corner of the state. Midday on Wednesday, a ranch manger in Wallowa County’s Noregarard area found a dead seven-month-old calf in a 6,000 acre private land forested pasture. ODFW said the carcass was in tact and a majority of the […]

ODFW Crews Called To Depredation in Wallowa County

Investigators says the Clark Creek Pack is responsible for a depredation that occurred in Wallowa County last week. Crews were called to a 15,000-acres forested private-land allotment in the Deer Creek area where a hunter found a dead, eight month old calf. ODFW investigators say the nearly 700 pound calf died either Wednesday September 1st […]

ODFW: Depredation Occurred In An Area Not Known For Wolves

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife investigators were called out to a dead calf, found in a large grassy private pasture Thursday morning in Wallowa County. The 350-pound, nine month old calf was found by a field hand early on the morning of October 8th. Investigators said the calf died less than 14 hours before […]

Wolf Depredation Confirmed In NE Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed another depredation in Wallowa County, the second in less than a week. Crews were called to a dead, four-month on calf found in a large, timbered Forest Service pasture Monday. When ODFW arrived, the calf was intact with little scavenging. Investigators reported multiple large tooth scrapes […]

ODFW Called To Wolf Depredation In Swamp Creek Area

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says a Wallowa County area wolf pack is responsible for a recent depredation. On Thursday, May 21st, a producer found an injured, two-month-old, 130-pound calf in a large public land grazing allotment. The calf was transported to a vet clinic for treatment. ODFW said the calf had a […]

ODFW: Middle Fork Pack Responsible For Two Recent Depredations

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says two Wallowa County calves were attacked by wolves from the same pack. Investigators were called to the private property rangeland Wednesday morning, where two calves were found with injuries to their legs. ODFW said one calf had injuries to the right hind leg that occurred earlier in […]

Oregon Snowpack Looks Good, Officials Hoping For Cool Weather

As we hit the home stretch of the snow season, the Oregon snowpack is in fairly good shape. Scott Oviatt with the Oregon NRCS said while there has been a slight melt off across state over the past couple of days, the statewide snowpack remains 86% of average. He noted that much of the state […]

NE Oregon Producers May Be Eligible For Emergency Assistance

NE Oregon farmers that suffered damage in last weekend’s flooding may be eligible for emergency assistance.  That flooding caused severe damage across Wallowa County.  Farms and ranches may be eligible for assistance under the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP).   For land to be eligible, the flooding must create new conservation problems that, if untreated, would: […]