Lohmann: November Not As Wet As You May Have Thought

After the extremely dry summer and early fall the Pacific Northwest experienced, the rain that rolled across the area in November was welcomed relief. But, was the month as wet as many thought it was? In western Oregon and western Washington, large amounts of rain fell, leading to flooding and landslides. According to meteorologist Marilyn […]

Rippey: Winter Wheat Crop Looks Similar To 2020

When it comes to the latest winter wheat conditions across the country, USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey said there is reason to pause. “This is probably the most concerning chart of the week, showing 44% of the crop rated as good to excellent, that is down 2% from a week ago,” Rippey noted. “22% very poor […]

McMorris Rodgers: Eastern Washington’s Economy Needs USDA To Act

As farmers and ranchers wait for the USDA to approve assistance to rebound from the drought, wildfires and extreme heat in both 2020 and 2021, the delay is hurting those outside of the farming community. That according to eastern Washington representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who has joined other lawmakers from the Evergreen State calling on […]

U.S. Facing Historic Drought Numbers

How historic has the long range drought for the United States been? “We have seen drought in a very narrow range.  46-48% of the country has been covered by drought each week since mid-June of 2021.  So we’re going on almost 5 months of that kind of drought coverage.” USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey said it […]

It Will Take Time For Pastures To Recover, Says Rippey

This year’s last look at pasture and rangeland conditions reflects the impact of the drought across the northern plains and the west. “Even though soil moisture has improved, it does take a considerable amount of time to recover,” said USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. “Especially this time of year when the temperatures are lower; the days […]

Cool, Active Weather To Start November

It truly feels like fall across the Pacific Northwest. Marilyn Lohmann meteorologist with the National Weather Service says temperatures have dropped considerably, with many locations reporting overnight lows near or below the freezing point, and daytime high slightly below normal. And that’s a pattern she expects to continue in the coming weeks. “These cooler temperatures […]

Impact Of Summer Heat On Idaho Cattle Herd To Be Determined

The impact this summer’s record breaking heat had on the Idaho cattle herd is in some ways already evident, and in others to be determined. Cameron Mulroney, Executive Vice President of the Idaho Cattle Association said producers across the state saw a very sizeable jump in their operation budget due to feed costs. He noted […]

Wetter Weather Expected In The Coming Days

It looks like the calm, sunny, stable fall weather will come to an end in the coming days across the Pacific Northwest. Marilyn Lohmann meteorologist with the National Weather Service says she expects robust activity over the next week or so. She says the first system moving into the area Wednesday will not be especially […]

Cooler, More Active Weather Expected For the PNW

Thanks to a cold front moving out of Alaska and Canada, fall has made its presence known here in the Pacific Northwest, with temperatures dropping ten to 15 degrees since last week. And while the system that brought in the cooler weather brought with it windy conditions, rain showers were not a consistent. Marilyn Lohmann, […]