Kretz: More Needs To Be Done To Prevent Massive Wildfires Before They Start

During October’s Washington Policy Center Virtual Farm Hall, members of the Ag community gathered to discuss some of the key issues facing the farming community now and into the future. And one of those topics was wildfires. Wildfires have caused a great amount of damage to the Washington Ag community in recent years, whether it […]

WPC: Delisting Of Gray Wolf A “Success Story for ESA”

Last week’s announced by the Department of the Interior that the gray wolf will be removed from the Endangered Species List is, according to Todd Myers, Director of the Environmental Center at the Washington Policy Center, a victory of the Endangered Species Act. He noted the EAS does not have a great track record when […]

WPC Farm Hall Moves On-Line

Like many other events in 2020, the Washington Policy Center’s Farm Hall is moving on-line during the pandemic. The WPC’s Pam Lewison said typically they hold three farm halls, sprinkled across Washington. But, because of COVID-19, everything will move into the virtual world. While it’s disappointing to not meet face to face, Lewison said the […]

What Do Consumers Need To Know About Washington Farmers During COVID-19

Like any other sector of the American economy, agriculture has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with contracts and customer bases disappearing because of stay at home orders around the globe. However, the farming community has also faced criticism for “wasting food” whether that’s dairy producers dumping milk, or vegetable growers turning over fields. […]

Myers: Data Does Not Show Removing Snake River Dams Will Help Salmon Populations

Those who support removing the four lower Snake River dams say those dams are hindering salmon, which in turn hurts Puget Sound orcas that feed on the salmon.  However, Todd Myers, Director of the Center for the Environment with the Washington Policy Center said there is no scientific evidence that removing those dams will help […]

Central Washington Encouraged To “Know The Dam Facts”

Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s Snake River Dams stakeholder consultant team will hold its third of three public information workshops in the Tri-Cities Monday.  The event will allow those from the Columbia Basin and surrounding area to get a first glimpse of the report, focused on the economic impact to region if the four lower Snake […]

Washington Policy Center: Farmers Do Pay Taxes

Washington state Senator John McCoy raised the ire of many in the farm industry last year when he claimed that farmers don’t pay taxes, but is that true?   A Recent Study conducted by the Washington Policy Center found that statement to be false, noting that farmers and ranchers pay a variety of taxes, including […]

Remote Testimony Important Resource For Rural Washington, Says Mercier

After years of experimentation and a pilot program, the Washington senate now allows remote testimony on key pieces of legislation.  Remote testimony allows constituents to coordinate with a local community college to offer feedback on proposed legislation, rather than making the trip to Olympia, which can be challenging during the winter months.  Jason Mercier with […]

WPC: People Want to Keep Dams, Help Salmon

The Washington Policy Center recently conducted a poll to see what people know about the Snake River dams, and their willingness to remove those dams.  WPC conducted its poll November 18th through the 21st, asking Washingtonians what they know about the Snake River dams and their interest in helping migrating salmon.  According to the Center’s […]

Lewison: Trade Uncertainty Has NW Producers “Concerned”

Earlier this week, President Trump acknowledged he’s in no rush to finalize a trade deal with China.  He added the best thing may be to hold off until after the November elections.  That announcement did not sit well with the farming community, and the non-farming community.  In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1% […]