Lewison: Capital Gains Tax Will Have A Direct Impact On Washington Farmers

During the 2021 legislative session, Washington lawmakers passed a new capital gains tax; a tax that will be challenged in court. Pam Lewison with the Washington Policy Center said with no exemptions for farm lands, the tax will have severe impacts on producers statewide. “Anyone who tracks the value of farmland should be well aware that $250,000 is […]

Braun: Its Vital Rural Washington Is Active In Redistricting Process

The state of Washington is in the early phases of the redistricting process, determining how state and congressional districts will be altered following the 2020 census. Washington senate minority leader John Braun said while many see redistricting as an issue for the more populated parts of the state, he said it’s important that the rural […]

Washington Ag Community Warns No Action By Lawmakers Could Destroy Farm Economy

When the Washington Supreme court ruled in November that farm workers should receive time-and-a-half pay for work over 40 hours per week, it opened a bit of a Pandora’s Box. In their ruling, the High Court did not indicate if farm workers could seek retroactive pay for the previous three years, which has already triggered […]

Farmworkers Speak Out Against 2020 Overtime Ruling

In November, the Washington Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the state’s overtime exemption violated Washington employment laws. With that ruling, Washington granted farm workers time-and-a-half pay once they work more than 40 hours in a week. However, many of those impacted workers are speaking out against the court’s decision and calling on lawmakers to reinstate […]

Elsey: Farmers Will Want To Watch A Host Of Issues During 2021 Session

The farming community is encouraged to prepare now for the 2021 Washington legislative session which gets underway next month. Bre Elsey, Director of Government Relations for the Washington Farm Bureau, said there are several issues that should be of concern for the farming community; outside of the fact that the session will be conducted remotely. […]

Dilley: OT Ruling The Latest Challenge Put Before Washington Dairy Farmers

Last week, the Washington Supreme Court ruled farmworkers must receive overtime pay, thus eliminating an exemption from the state’s minimum wage law the Ag industry has used for decades. The ruling will have a deep and direct impact on the Washington dairy industry. And according to Scott Dilley Communication Director for the state dairy federation, […]

Washington Supreme Court Rules Against Ag Overtime Exemption

In a 5-4 ruling Thursday, the Washington Supreme Court said farmworkers should receive overtime pay. The decision eliminates an exemption from the state’s minimum wage law the farm community has used for decades. According to the Capital Press, one of the majority opinion judges said he would look favorably on applying the decision retroactively, allowing […]