Tight Oil Supplies Push Oil Prices Higher

Oil prices rose slightly in Monday’s trade, thanks to the expectation that oil supply will remain tight globally. Despite a recent increase in oil production from Libya, the anticipation is there will not be enough oil for economies and consumers as eyes turn to a hopeful life after COVID-19. Despite light trading action because of […]

DeHaan: Oil Prices Rally As Fears Over Omicron Diminish

Oil prices are rallying as 2021 draws to a close. Patrick DeHaan with Gasbuddy noted West Texas Crude was trading up roughly $2 per barrel in Monday action, to near $76. That he noted is $14 per barrel higher than the start of the month, when Omicron fears started to impact investors. But he said […]

Will Fuel Prices Level Off Soon?

Oil prices remain around levels we haven’t see since early in the pandemic,  with a barrel of West Texas Crude trading Monday around $82 per barrel. Because of that fuel prices remain high nationwide, with the national average for a gallon of gasoline up 3.8 cents from a week ago, and over 17 cents higher […]

Delta Variant, China Concerns Pushing Oil Prices Lower

Oil prices, much like many of the U.S. investment markets, moved lower Monday, with West Texas Crude dropping to around $65 per barrel, an over 4% drop in one day. Much of the concern, according to Scott Bauer with Prosper Trading Academy is China, and the ongoing struggles with the coronavirus. “The expansion unfortunately of […]

Oil Prices Move Lower As COVID Numbers Move Up

After weeks of climbing steadily, oil prices dropped considerably in Monday’s trade, with West Texas Crude Oil trading around $67 per barrel. The sharp drop came shortly after OPEC announced an increase in oil production. In addition, coronavirus cases continue to weigh on the minds of investors. Patrick DeHaan with Gas Buddy said investors are […]

DeHaan: OPEC Disagreements Stall Oil Prices

After weeks of a steady climb, and hitting one of highest prices we’ve seen in months, oil prices have flattened from last week’s high water mark. West Texas Crude was trading just under $74 per barrel in Monday’s action. So, why the sudden price slowdown? Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy says it was triggered by UAE […]

Price At The Pump: Kloza More Concerned About Behaviors Than Prices

As we start a new month, oil prices are continue to trade in the mid $60 per barrel range, but prices appear to be moving higher. In Monday’s action, West Texas Crude was trading at $67 per barrel. Tom Kloza with OPIS Pricing told CNBC this weekend while we saw higher fuel prices over the […]

Seesaw COVID News Continues To Keep Oil Prices Quiet

Oil prices continue to move back and forth because of mixed international news, specifically focused on coronavirus. Because of that Patrick DeHaan with Gasbuddy said the price for a barrel of West Texas Crude held fairly flat, trading Monday around $62. DeHaan said at this point, it’s difficult to tell where oil prices are going […]

While Oil Prices Move Higher, One Expert Says Prices Will Start To Level

Oil prices have be on an upward trend for most of February, with West Texas Crude trading above $61 per barrel Monday, the highest prices reported since mid-April. And while much of that gain has occurred in less than four weeks, one expert does not expect this path to continue much longer. Global Market Strategist […]

Despite Good News Virus Still Weighs On Oil Prices

Thanks to a variety of uncertainties over the past couple of months, the coronavirus continues to dominate fuel and oil price news. In Monday’s trade, West Texas Crude was trading slightly above $41 per barrel, virtually the same price we’ve seen for weeks. Daniel Yergin, HIS Market Vice Chairman recently told Fox Business News that […]