Could Wheat Prices Move Higher In Coming Months?

Some potential good news for U.S. wheat growers. “After five years of wheat supplies exceeding demand, we’ve hit a year where the opposite is now true on a global level.” And that, according to USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer, is a recipe for decent prices for wheat. He added by the end this next marketing […]

The Trade Factor in Latest U.S. Wheat Figures

The USDA is out with the latest import and export numbers when it comes to wheat supply and demand. “With wheat this time of year, we’re really, mostly attracting trade data, export/import data as it continues to come in,” noted USDA World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekanowski. So, what does this mean for import […]

Weather Impacting Wheat Growers Across The Globe

Mother Nature is wreaking havoc for wheat growers, not just in the U.S., but overseas as well. In all the areas where production was lowered, specifically the Unites States, Canada, Kazakhstan, it’s reflecting drought conditions.,” noted World Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski. “United States especially we know that drought mainly effects spring crop, but certainly […]

USDA: Wheat Production Continues To Globally

According to USDA, world wheat production continued at its record pace in September. The Department’s latest global balance sheet shows wheat production up 3.4 million tons from August. World Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekansowski, said several nations reported month-over-month production increases. “Small changes in European Union’s some increases ins production in Bulgaria and Romania. And […]

USDA Breaks Down Wheat Balance Sheet

Unlike most crops this month, USDA has little production information to go by in looking at the domestic balance sheet, so World Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekanowski, says the focus is on the demand side of  of the ledger. “We pulled back our import forecast by 10 million bushels. Reflecting what we’re seeing the data […]

NW Winter Wheat Production Down 26%, Spring Wheat Off 29%

According to NASS, wheat production in the Northwest has taken a big hit from 2020 to this year. As of July 1st, winter wheat production in Idaho sits at 57.0 million bushels, down 4% from the June 1st forecast, and off 15% year over year. Harvested area, at 670,000 acres, is up 10,000 acres from […]

World Wheat Crop Continues To Increase

When it comes to wheat production worldwide, records continue to be broken. The latest USDA forecast calls for a 5.5 million ton increase in wheat production globally. World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski, said while the U.S. participated in that increase with a projected .7% rise in production, most of the increase originates from […]

Rippey Looks At Winter & Spring Wheat Numbers

The wheat growing season is progressing nicely across the country. “The winter wheat crop, two thirds, or 67% headed nationally on May 23rd Catching up to the five-year average which is 69% and actually moving ahead of last year’s 66%, said USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. He said winter wheat condition was a mixed bag. “We […]

World Wheat Production, Demand Expected To Increase

The most recent U.S. Wheat Associates “Winter 2021 Wheat Supply and Demand Outlook” indicates the 2020-2021 marketing year set several records. For example, the USDA expects global wheat production to reach 773 million metric tons on increased annual production from some of the world’s top exporters. Steve Mercer, Vice President of Communications for the U.S. […]

World Wheat Supply Continues To Increase

The global wheat supply continues to move higher. “We increase world wheat production [in December’s USDA global supply and demand estimates] again by about 1.3 million tons and that would put global production at a new record,” said World Agriculture Economic Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekanowski. He added a variety of factors led to the […]