While The Northwest Is Dry, Winter Wheat Conditions Look Good Nationally

Drought continues to impact the winter wheat crop here in the Northwest.But for the most part, the crop, nationally looks good.USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. “Overall, 46% of the winter wheat rated good to excellent,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. “That is up a point from last week. 18% very poor to poor that is also […]

International Issues Pushing Wheat Prices Higher

American wheat growers continue to see prices above last season, but will that continue much longer? USDA’s Outlook Board Chairman, Mark Jekanowski,  said one source of higher prices is lower projected wheat stock.  “Stocks are getting, you know, for wheat, relatively tight. There’s a six year low and that’s been supporting prices. Future prices have […]

Canola Acreage Increasing Across the PNW

Canola acreage increased in all four states across the Northwest this year, led by a 24% increase in Washington. Karen Sowers, Executive Director of the Pacific Northwest Canola Association said as a rotational crop, canola has a couple of unique benefits. “Increased yield of the following wheat crop or barley crop, whichever you’re growing in […]

Montana State Professor Writes Book Focused On The History of Wheat

Montana State University Ecology Professor Cathy Zabinski recently penned “Amber Waves: The Extraordinary Biography of Wheat, from Wild Grass to Megacrop” as a way to share one of agriculture’s more fascinating stories. Zabinski said one question the book asks is, ‘How do we continue to meet the demands of food production for a growing population?’  […]

Predicting Ag Numbers Challenging Right Now

On Tuesday, the USDA will be out with their new domestic exports, stocks, and prices of current crops projections. Outlook Chairman, Mark Jekanowski, said it’s going to be hard for his group to pin it down given the dramatic market movements of late. “We’ve been selling a lot to China a lot of commodities, soybeans […]

Winter Wheat Plantings Ahead Of 2019 Numbers

“The thing to note is that several states across the plains and the Northwest still dealing with the impact of drought,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. “So we see in those states, ahead of average planting progress, but below average emergence which is suggestive of not only the drought but the more recent cold weather. […]

Washington’s Berg Named To Crop Insurance Corporation Board of Directors

Nicole Berg is currently the National Association of Wheat Growers Vice President. But the Paterson, WA grower recently added to her resume after she was appointed to the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Board of Directors. “I look forward to representing specialty crops across the U.S. [It’s] a great honor, and I’m excited for the new […]

USDA: Prices Index Up In September

Friday’s USDA Ag report shows the prices received by farmers nationwide increased for nearly every commodity in September. And as Gary Crawford explains that pushed the September Price Index Up 0.9% from August’s numbers, and roughly 1% higher than September a year ago. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call […]

NWFCS Anticipates Profits For Wheat Growers, Mixed Bag For Hay Growers

As we wrap up our weeklong look at Northwest Farm Credit Services’ quarterly commodity snapshot, we take a look at wheat and hay. Bill Perry, Vice President at Northwest Farm Credit Services said their 12-month outlook calls for slightly profitable returns for wheat growers. “The USDA’s projected 2020-21 season average farm price for all-wheat is […]

USDA Reports Tighter Stocks In A Variety Of Crops

Mark Jekanowski recently broke down the latest USDA crop report. “And October’s a little bit unique because we also incorporate the whole traunch of information that we got on September 30th and that’s the grain stocks report and the small gain summary.” The report had a variety of surprises, including a few that caught the […]