In Effort To Prepare For Summer, Franz Launches Wildfire Ready Neighbors! Campaign

To help the state prepare for what she calls a potentially catastrophic wildfire season, Washington Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz recently kicked off the Wildfire Ready Neighbors! program. The campaign connects those in wildfire prone areas with efforts and tools to help home and property owners take proactive step action to better protect their […]

Christiansen We Need To Treat More Forrest Acres

To better contain and suppress wildfire activity the U.S. Forest Service says her department has to treat more land and “up their game”. Chief, Vicki Christiansen recently said between two to three acres of national forest land are treated for wildfire prevention annually. She added, even with strategic planning of treatment in selected fire sheds, […]

Catastrophic Wildfire Legislation Clears Washington Senate

Legislation that looks to prevent catastrophic wildfires in Washington cleared the state Senate by a unanimous vote late last week. House Bill 1168, sponsored by Republican Joel Kretz and Democrat Larry Springer, provides $125 million every two years to boost wildfire response, accelerate forest restoration and support community resilience. Representative Tom Dent said this legislation […]

USDA Report Shows The West Has Become Much Dryer

For years, climate researchers have said compared to 50 years ago, temperatures across the west are higher, rain amounts lower, and a recent study indicates, “longer drought periods between rainfall events” according Joel Biederman with ARS. The author of the study stressed those droughts are running much longer. And said researchers complied daily data from […]

Oregon Wine Industry Has Been Hit Hard By COVID Pandemic

Like most other commodities, the Oregon wine industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and the required shutdowns. At February’s Oregon Wine Symposium, Dr. Robert Eyler talked about the strong economic growth the Oregon wine industry enjoyed between 2016 and 2019, and how a nearly 21% drop in sales in 2020 dramatically hurt […]

WSU To Host Virtual Wildfire Preparedness Session

Washington State University will try to help those in timbered areas get ready for another wildfire season; virtually. WSU will host Wildfire 101: Mitigation and Planning via Zoom March 23rd. Extension Forestry Coordinator Sean Alexander said variables outside of humanity’s control make it impossible to exactly know what each wildfire season will look like. The […]

Taylor: Oregon Ag Continues To Work To Put 2020 In The Past

For many in the Oregon agriculture community, 2020 was a very challenging year, and the impacts are still being felt. Alexis Taylor, director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture said the coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on everything from day-to-day operations to international trade and everything in between. Taylor said thanks to the rollout […]

WSU, DNR To Offer Online Forest Owner Class

Washington State University and the state Department of Natural Resources will work together on a free weekend workshop focused on forest health, forestry, wildfire risks and more. Professor, Kevin Zobrist said he thinks this is one of the best and most diverse line up they’ve offered. “We’re going to talk about various forest management topics like managing […]

2020 Wildfires Wiped Out Half Of Northern California’s Grapes

Washington and Oregon’s wine grape industries suffered significant damage during wildfires that ripped through the region late last summer. But it wasn’t just the Northwest that reported huge losses. A new USDA report reveals wildfires in northern California wiped out almost half the value of the 2020 crop. Grape growers in the Napa, Sonoma, Lake […]

Oregon Parks Announces: Plan To Pant 1M Trees Statewide

Oregon Parks Forever announced January 12th the establishment of a Wildfire Tree Replanting Fund. OPF Executive Director Seth Miller said each dollar donated to the fund will plant one tree. The goal of the fund is to plant at least one million trees across the Beaver State. “Trees are providing the necessities of life. They […]