Winter Wheat Heading Behind Schedule Nationally

When it comes to the national pace of winter wheat heading, things are slightly behind schedule. “We’re seeing just 27% of the over winter wheat crop headed on May 2nd. That’s well behind the 5-year average pace of 34%. Also behind last year’s 30%.” USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey, said there are signs of heading in […]

Northwest Soils Very Dry For Early April

Soils continue to dry out a cross the Northwest. According to the latest numbers from NASS, 12% of Idaho’s topsoil moisture is very short, while 14% if short. In Washington 15% of the topsoil moisture is very short, while 32% is short. And in Oregon, 25% of the topsoil moisture is very shot, with another […]

NASS: More Winter Wheat Planted Than Expected

It looks farmers planted more acres of winter wheat than initially thought. Last week, the USDA reported 33.1 million acres of winter wheat. “That’s up 3.4% from the from the seeding number back in January. So now 8.8% above what was actually planted last year,” noted NASS’ Lance Hoenig. He added it’s the first increase […]

Winter Wheat Continues To Struggle In The South

When it comes to the winter wheat crop nationally, growers in the southern U.S. continue to report poor conditions. “With respect to winter wheat, we’re continuing to watch Texas. 39% of the winter wheat rated in very poor to poor condition on March 7th,” noted USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. “That is largely a reflection of […]

How Did February’s Storm Impact Winter Wheat

When looking at the national winter wheat crop, USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey said the extreme cold weather last month had an impact. “In terms of what happened during the month of February, a little bit of a mixed bag because some areas did get snow that provided great insulation and moisture from that bitterly cold […]

Winter Wheat Crop Up Over May, Down From 2019

According to the latest USDA numbers, the June winter wheat crop increased 1% from May’s numbers. However, the national winter wheat crop is down 3% year-over-year. USDA Chief Economist, Rob Johansson said yields are forecasted down from last year’s average yield, but at just over 52 bushels an acre for 2020, that is “probably about […]

NASS: NW Winter Wheat Production Up 1%

According to NASS winter wheat production across the northwest increased 1% from May to June. As of June 1st, Washington winter wheat production is forecast at 121 million bushels, up 2% year-over year. Harvested area, at 1.64 million acres, is down 60,000 acres from the 2019. Yield is forecast at 74.0 bushels per acre, up […]

USDA To Release Updated Wheat Numbers Thursday

The USDA will release its next round of monthly reports and forecasts Thursday, and we should learn a lot about the wheat crop. USDA’s Board Outlook Chairman, Mark Jekanowski, said first, the USDA will update the winter wheat forecast. Now in the early in stages of harvest he says his analysts will then be  forecasting […]

NW Winter Wheat Production Drops 3%

According to NASS winter wheat production in the Northwest dropped from 2019 figures. As of May 1st, Washington production was forecast at 118 million bushels, down 1% from 2019. Yield was expected to average 72.0 bushels per acre, up 2.0 bushels from the previous year. Growers planted an estimated 1.7 million acres in the fall […]

Winter Wheat Crop Progressing

How is the winter wheat crop looking nationwide?  USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey, said when it comes to sowing, “89%. That’s roughly on par with the five year average of 88% and ahead of last year’s 83%. Couple of issues in California where it’s been very dry just 30% of the crop planted there, 42% is […]