U.S. Wheat Prices to Keep Climbing, USDA Says

USDA is forecasting production of all wheat for this upcoming marketing year to be up from this past season but only by 83 million bushels, at a bit over 1.7 billion. Wheat growers planted almost 47.5 million acres, but the Midwest drought has been relentless, and USDA now projects growers will only get a crop […]

Winter Wheat Crop Looks Bad Nationwide As Discussions Of Abandonment Increase

The condition of the national winter wheat crop continues to drop. “[Nationally] 27% good to excellent, 41% very poor to poor,” noted USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. “A week ago we were sitting at 29% and 39% respectively.” Rippey noted over the past week, winter wheat conditions improved slightly in Montana and Colorado, but many of […]

NW Winter Wheat Production Up 56% Year-Over-Year

While the national trend is for fewer winter acres this year, the Pacific Northwest appears to be bucking that trend. Based on May 1st conditions, production of winter wheat in Idaho was forecast at 66.4 million bushels, up 46% from 2021. Yield was expected to average 91.0 bushels per acre, up 20.0 bushels from last […]

First 2022 Winter Wheat Production Calls for Lower Yield

According to NASS, American farmers are expected to produce 1.17 billion bushels of winter wheat this year. The forecast, the first for winter wheat production in 2022, calls for an 8% drop from 2021. As of May 1st, the U.S. yield is expected to average 47.9 bushels per acre, down 2.3 bushels from last year’s […]

Winter Wheat Crop Continues To Struggle Nationwide

For the beleaguered winter wheat crop in some of the southern drought areas, “It’s quickly becoming the point of no return,” according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. He added the current crop raitings are just terrible for this time of year. “We just see 27% of the U.S. wheat crop rated good to excellent, that […]

Rippey: More Problems For U.S. Winter Wheat

We’ve been talking for some time now about the struggles before the nation’s winter wheat crop. USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey said the numbers from April 11 show that, 36% of the nation’s Winter wheat is rated at poor to very poor condition. “The highest amount of acreage rated very poor to poor at this time […]

Chumrau: 2022 Already Has Many Unanswered Questions

2022 has already been a turbulent year for many in the farming community, and it’s only the month of April. Casey Chumrau, Executive Director of the Idaho Wheat Commission, said on the positive side, they plan to host a few in person trade missions this year, which will be the first in person trade missions […]

USDA: Winter Wheat Crop Struggling Nationwide

The wheat crop nationwide is facing a variety of challenges this year. “For weeks now we’ve been watching the status of winter wheat and the poor condition across the central and southern great plains and despite a fairly stormy week last week, it’s not surprising that we still have some significant issues with winter wheat […]

Winter Wheat Needs Water, Rippey Says

Winter wheat needs moisture, especially at critical stages of development. So what happens to winter wheat that doesn’t get enough water? “Once those winter wheat plants are vegetative, which we are seeing across the southern great plains, you get the growth of the stalk, and then it begins to head out,” said USDA meteorologist Brad […]

La Niña Bad for Winter Wheat, Rippey Notes

What does the La Niña weather pattern have to do with condition ratings for the current winter wheat crop? “La Niña does not particularly bode well for the outcome,” said USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. “We oftentimes see dry spring weather across the central and southern great plains.  They would include some of the key winter […]