Tai Talks Trade With Wisconsin Dairy Farmers

Last week, U.S. Trade Representative Kathrine Tai traveled to Wisconsin to meet with dairy farmers. Several producers voiced their concerns and priorities for dairy exports, specifically when it comes to trade issues with Canada under USMCA. “I think we had some really candid exchanges. One of the really important aspects of the USMCA is that […]

2021 Tart Cherry Crop Larger, Thanks To Washington, Utah

The 2021 tart cherry crop is larger than previous year crops by over two million tons. “That’s really about half of what we would normally see for our tart cherry crop,” said NASS’ Lance Honig. “So this is the second consecutive year with fairly low production.” Honig also noted the rise in tart cherries comes […]

Lawmakers Look To Establish A Dairy Pricing and Policy Commission

House lawmakers from Wisconsin recently reintroduced legislation to establish the Dairy Pricing and Policy Commission. The bipartisan legislation was recently reintroduced by Democrat Ron Kind and Republican Mike Gallagher. Kind said the Commission would consist of a broad coalition of dairy farmers, processors, and industry experts to provide recommendations on how to address some of […]

ODA Requires Mink Farmers To Vaccinate Their Animals

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has filed a temporary emergency rule requiring all mink ranchers to vaccinate their animals against COVID-19. Officials are looking to stop the virus from mutating in mink and being passed back to humans. “ODA is taking the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of infection in captive mink, as well […]

Traceability A Priority For New Idaho State Vet

The new Idaho state Veterinarian is not a new name to the farming community in the Gem State. Dr. Scott Leibsle started with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture in 2011, and was promoted to the top vet spot on January 1st of this year. A 3rd generation large animal vet from the Midwest, Leibsle […]

National Pasture Conditions Improve, But Not In The Northwest

Pasture and rangeland conditions have improved across the central and southern Great Plains, thanks to abundant rainfall as of recent. “As of the 30th of May, we’re seeing the good to excellent rating 31% nationally That’s up 3% from last week, but we still see39% of the pastures and rangelands rated very poor to poor […]

Farmer Share of Food Dollar May Grow

The latest federal data shows that the farmers’ share of the average U.S. food dollar has increased slightly. The USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) tracks yearly spending by American consumers on food, as well as how much of that dollar is captured by each part of the food supply chain. The agency recently released data […]

More Farmers Suing USDA Alleging Discrimination

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty last week filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the alleged race discrimination in the American Rescue Plan. Specifically, the organization targets a provision to offer loan forgiveness based on racial categories. The organization filed the lawsuit Thursday on behalf of five plaintiffs from Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, […]

Kind Introduces Legislation Aid At Addressing Shortage In Veterinarians

Legislation recently introduced by Representative Ron Kind looks to help address veterinarian shortages nationwide. He said the bipartisan Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program Enhancement Act would lift the overly burdensome taxes on programs that encourage veterinarians to practice in rural communities. The Wisconsin Democrat said access to veterinarians in rural areas is critical. “My legislation, […]

Senators Offer Legislation to Help States Rebuild Infrastructure Following Extreme Weather

On Tuesday, senators Tammy Baldwin and Mike Braun introduced bipartisan legislation to help states rebuild stronger and more resilient roads, highways and bridges. The Wisconsin Democrat and Indiana Republican said the legislation will help states as they recover from extreme weather and natural disaster damage brought by severe storms, floods or hurricanes. The Federal Highway […]