Jekanowski Highlights Changes To Wheat Balance Sheet

The main alterations on the U.S. balance sheet for wheat come thanks to changes in trade. “We reduced our import forecast by 10 million bushels; reflecting a slow pace of imports.  This is almost entirely hard red spring and Durham wheat coming from Canada, but supplies in Canada are also very tight,” World Ag Outlook […]

Late Season Rains Boost Argentina’s Wheat Crop

Currently the global focus, when it comes to wheat, is Argentina. World Ag Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski said harvest in the South American country is nearly complete at this point. When farmers were planting this year’s crop, they were struggling with dry conditions. “But they got some beneficial rains late in the season, just […]

Growers With Wheat In A “Good Position”

If you have wheat to sell, then for you are sitting in a good position. USDA Outlook Board Chairman Mark Jekanowski said futures prices, of course, for wheat, certainly remarkable. “Across all the classes, soft red winter, hard red winter, spring wheat; there all at 10 year highs, or more than 10 years.” And what’s […]

Milk Production Expected To Dip, USDA Says

When taking a look at the latest U.S. dairy balance sheet, “We’re forecasting lower production this month for both 2021 and 2022 based on what we’re observing as lower cow numbers as well as reduced milk per cow,” said USDA World Agricultural Outlook Board Mark Jekanowski. “And we expect those lower cow numbers and lower […]

USDA: Wheat Production Continues To Globally

According to USDA, world wheat production continued at its record pace in September. The Department’s latest global balance sheet shows wheat production up 3.4 million tons from August. World Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekansowski, said several nations reported month-over-month production increases. “Small changes in European Union’s some increases ins production in Bulgaria and Romania. And […]

Milk Production Forecast Reduced

USDA has reduced its milk production forecast for 2021 by 200 million pounds this month to 228.2 billion pounds.  “That mainly reflects our expectations of reduced mil per cow. So lower productivity and that is reflecting the high heat conditions especially in the West,” noted World Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekanowski. “Higher stress on dairy […]

USDA Reports Changes To Beef Outlook

The USDA reported a few minor changes in their most recent beef numbers. First when it comes to beef production, according to World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekanowski: “A load which higher cow slaughter which would contribute to more production but that’s offset by lighter carcass weights, so that net production is virtually unchanged.” […]

World Wheat Crop Continues To Increase

When it comes to wheat production worldwide, records continue to be broken. The latest USDA forecast calls for a 5.5 million ton increase in wheat production globally. World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski, said while the U.S. participated in that increase with a projected .7% rise in production, most of the increase originates from […]

Few Surprises Expected From USDA’s Final 2020 Crop Estimate

This week the USDA is publishing what essentially is the final acreage yield and production estimate for 2020 crops. And while Outlook Board Chairman Market Jekanowski said there will be some changes around the edges, he does not expect any big surprises. He added in some years, like 2020, there have been some meaningful revisions […]

World Wheat Supply Continues To Increase

The global wheat supply continues to move higher. “We increase world wheat production [in December’s USDA global supply and demand estimates] again by about 1.3 million tons and that would put global production at a new record,” said World Agriculture Economic Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekanowski. He added a variety of factors led to the […]