Bentz: Natural Resources Appointment Good For Northwest Ag

Eastern Oregon’s Cliff Bentz has been named the Ranking Member on the House’s Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife for the upcoming Congress. The freshman representative says this appointment is beneficial for both the Beaver State and the Northwest. “It gives me the opportunity to offer amendments that would either fix a problem […]

Scott: Farmers Need To Be Able To Farm

Many in the farming community say, yes, America has plenty of food to feed its hungry, but producing it isn’t cheap. And as producer margins narrow, farm leaders worry the cost of production could become too much for many small operators to bear. During a House Ag hearing on food insecurity last week, Georgia Representative […]

Farm Futures: Why Farmers Feel Threatened by Biden Administration

According to a recent Farm Futures survey, farmers feel threatened by potential policy objectives under the Biden administration. The survey shows nearly nine out of ten farmers believe taxes will go up under the current administration. Another 71% believe WOTUS will be overturned. Only 22% believe markets will stabilize with a new trade strategy. And […]

What Impact Will Climate Priorities In D.C. Have On The American Farmer?

With the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate accord, talk of a return to WOTUS and much more in Washington D.C., many in farm country are concerned what long-term impacts the climate priorities of the Biden Administration will have on the agriculture community. During a recent roundtable discussion, Jay Truitt, of Policy Solutions LLC, as well […]

AFBF Calling On Biden Administration To Be Clear About WOTUS

An American Farm Bureau official says whatever the Biden EPA decides to do with Trump Waters of the U.S. or WOTUS reforms, clarity should be key, especially in a pandemic. The AFBF’s Don Parrish said a return to the Obama 2015 water rule with its complicated definitions and sweeping regulatory reach, won’t help farmers or […]

Grassley Concerned Biden Administration May Resurrect WOTUS

The Biden camp is starting to formulate its environmental plan, including moves to combat global warming and most likely to reverse changes made by the Trump Administration. In their 300-page “Climate 21 Project” blueprint, former Obama officials propose dozens of greenhouse gas-reducing ideas, including a USDA CCC “carbon bank” to pay farmers and foresters to […]

Like In 2016 Ag A Big Part Of GOP Platform

The Republican National Convention got underway this week, and the platform looks very similar to what was discussed back in 2016, meaning farming will hold prominent place in the policy blueprint. The GOP platform calls for less Ag regulation that has raised consumer costs, expanding science-based trade, no GMO labeling, and more rural broadband. Ending […]

New WOTUS Rule Becomes Law

Despite last minute attempts to block the rule, the Trump Administration’s new and scaled-back Waters of the U.S. rule became law Monday. A federal judge late last week denied an effort to prevent implementation of the new regulation, called the Navigable Waters Protection Rule. The challengers claim the new rule removes protection from many U.S. […]

AFBF: WOTUS Replacement Good For Ag

The final replacement rule for the controversial Waters of the U.S. rule is now published in the Federal Register. American Farm Bureau Federation’s Don Parrish says the new Navigable Waters Protection Rule that replaces WOTUS is clearer in its definitions and exclusions, making farming and ranching easier. Among the big wins for Ag he points […]

AFBF: Navigable Waters Protection Rule Provides Certianty For Rural America

Ask the American Farm Bureau Federation they’ll tell you the Navigable Waters Protection Rule, which replaces WOTUS, clearly defines federal water jurisdiction.  AFBF Senior Regulatory Relations Director, Don Parrish said the new rule allows farmers to understand water regulations while continuing to protect water quality.   “Well, I hope it provides the clarity that that […]