WSDA: Think Twice Before Giving Bunnies, Chicks As Gifts

With Easter this weekend, the Washington state Department of Agriculture is out with a warning. Although it may be tempting to gift a small child with a fuzzy baby rabbit or chick, the WSDA says giving such animals as gifts should only be done after careful consideration for the health of the children and the […]

WSDA Hosting Yakima Area Tree Fruit Workshop

The Washington state Department of agriculture will host their 2nd annual IPM Practices of Tree Fruit workshop on Monday March 29th. The workshop will focus on the tree fruit industry in the Yakima-area, with topics including little cherry disease, X-disease, pests in apples and much more. WSDA will take an in-depth look at new strategies […]

Washington, B.C. To Fight Asian Giant

British Columbia and U.S. federal and state agencies will work together to track, trap and eradicate Asian giant hornets in the Pacific Northwest. The Asian giant hornet species was first spotted in Northwest Washington in 2019 and agencies have since been on the hunt for the invasive hornets. The hornets, known by many as Murder […]

Documentary Highlighting WSDAs Hunt For Asian Giant Out On Discovery+

When looking back on 2020, certain things will jump to your mind: coronavirus, toilet paper shortages and the murder hornets. Well, that last one, the Asian Giant hornet is the focus of a documentary that was released on Discovery+ last month. The 90 minute film, “Attack of the Murder Hornets” takes a behind the scenes […]

Sandison Hopeful Trade Climate Will Improve

Many in the Ag industry are trying to prepare for life to return to normal once the pandemic is behind us. One of the best ways to do that, according to Washington state Department of Agriculture director Derek Sandison, improve trade. “If we can get back into the mode at looking at expanding markets, whether […]

Poultry Owners Nationwide Warned Of Possible Bird Flu Outbreak

We recently told you that the Washington state Department of Agriculture is warning of a possible bird flu outbreak, similar to what was reported seven years ago. Its become a nationally issue, as concerns are growing about a potential highly-pathogenic avian influenza outbreak. “Recently cases have been confirmed in Europe, Asia, and Africa. And we’re […]

WSDA To Discuss Potential Apple Maggot Quarantine for Okanogan County In Early March

Could an apple maggot quarantine soon be issued for Washington’s Okanogan County? Last year, the Washington state Department of Agriculture placed 281 adult fly traps on host trees in the pest-free area of Okanogan County. WSDA documented 69 positive sites that captured 471 adult apple maggots. In addition, crews sampled hawthorn berries for the maggot […]

WSU To Kick Off SoilCon Monday February 8th

February 8th-12th, Washington State University will host SoilCon, which coincides with Washington Soil Week. WSU’s Chris Benedict said SoilCon will bring together soil experts from around the Pacific Northwest and the world. “It’s part of a state [program] called the Soil Health Initiative which involves Washington State University, Washington State Department of Agriculture, and the […]

What Does USDA Hemp Rule Mean For Washington Producers

The USDA published its final rule for the domestic production of hemp, replacing the interim final rule that established the Domestic Hemp Production Program in 2019. Washington Department of Agriculture Hemp Program Manager Trecia Ehrlich said the most notable modification is the requirement on how close to harvest a hemp sample must be taken in […]

Sandison: COVID, Trade Issues Remain Into 2021

It may be a different year, but many of the problems that plagued the Washington Ag community remain. While a vaccine is being distributed, it will be sometime before coronavirus is not the most pressing issue on the minds of the Ag industry, and Americans in general. Derek Sandison, director of the Washington state Department […]