CLS Helping Wheat Growers During Storage

According to the USDA, an estimated $2.5 billion is lost during grain storage each year, thanks to insects and pests. For wheat growers, it’s important that wheat remains world class while in storage before heading to its final destination. Central Life Sciences said they have products to help producers in this important part of the supply chain.

Richard Alford Director of sales of Specialty Products at CLS, said one of those products is Diacon used on wheat in storage in the Northwest. He noted it’s been used locally for several years on wheat in storage, and the insect growth regulator is highly nontoxic and will not kill.

“So, it prevents the insect from developing into an adult, so it breaks the lifecycle and keeps that wheat clean, so when it’s shipped for sale, the condition of the wheat is as pristine as when it entered the pile.”

Alford noted more and more growers across the region are reporting problems with the True Weevil. He said in that situation, Centynal is an ideal product. And when it comes to cleaning out the bins, preparing for a new crop, growers Alford noted need to look at Diacon Plus.

“It’s a combination of Centynal and Diacon that is labeled to spray broadcast in that bin, so we eliminate that as a source of contamination.  So, we have a tool that will actually keep the bugs away from the bin.”

Alford noted their products are an investment that will help growers across the Northwest with the bottom line.

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