High Desert Milk Rolls Out $50M Expansion

A Burley, ID based dairy processor has undergone a major expansion that cooperative officials say nearly doubles output. According to High Desert Milk, this improvement will allow them to increase annual butter output from 45 million pounds to 85 million pounds and add a new, high-demand milk-powder product called MPC-70 to its lineup.  MPC-70 is a milk-protein concentrate containing 70% protein that is in great demand worldwide. Boasting a light milky aroma and clean milky taste, MPC-70 is often used in sports-nutrition beverages, protein bars, icings, desserts, soups, sauces, baked goods, and dairy foods.

The co-op will yield 36 million pounds of MPC-70 annually in addition to the 68 million pounds of nonfat dry milk it currently produces each year. High Desert’s CEO, Randy Robinson, said 60% of its MPC-70 is earmarked for Latin America. He added the new production line, which is part of a 10-year growth plan, became operational in June.

“Finding new sources of milk is a new business model for us as a vertically integrated cooperative,” Robinson said. “We currently receive 2.2 million pounds of milk per day, and when our MPC-70 production line goes online our intake capacity will reach 4.7 million pounds per day. We are in a unique position to help other dairymen in the Magic Valley who are struggling to achieve their ambitions.”

Robinson said Idaho is a great place to dairy.

“We have dedicated people, the resources, and the room it takes to have a thriving dairy industry in this state,” he said. “Our ability to provide the world with safe, nutritious, sustainable, and affordable products is one of our greatest assets.”

Dairy West CEO Karianne Fallow said High Desert Milk has been a leading innovator in the food-production business since its inception.

“High Desert Milk is a leading example of the kind of innovative, growth-oriented companies that prosper in Idaho because it cares about the animals, the people, and the products that make it so successful,” she said. “High Desert dairy farmers and employees are passionate in their work because they care about feeding the world with safe and nutritious food.” 

She said High Desert’s current output represents 5% of the total milk processed in Idaho. 

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