Lohman: Freezing Rain Cold, Temperatures In The Forecast

Thanks to a stubborn ridge of high pressure, much of the Northwest has been under an Air Stagnation Advisory.  Not only has that led to lingering wood smoke, it’s allowed fog to develop over the past couple of days.  Meteorologist Marilyn Lohmann said while only two weeks old, 2019 is very dry.


“Even though it seemed like we had a lot of storms moving through for a while, since the beginning of the year, it’s been relatively dry across the area.  And actually quite warm as well too, we’ve seen our average temperatures are between four and six degrees above normal.”


Lohmann said the High Pressure is expected to breakdown and move out of the area, bringing the chance of freezing rain and slick roadways.  Looking at the tail end of this month, she says we could see a true taste of winter.


“But we are seeing indications in the weather models that we could see some colder conditions at the end of the month, possibly to start February.”




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